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Mbed Linux OS image types

MBL provides three types of images:

  • Evaluation image: A pre-compiled image ready to be flashed on the supported targets. It is almost the same as a Development image, except that some firmware blobs may not be pre-installed on certain platforms (due to licensing restrictions when not distributed with hardware).

  • Development image: You need to build this image using the build-mbl tool. It contains packages, applications, and configurations suitable for the development of a product. To generate mbl-image-development, the DISTRO parameter is set to mbl-development.

  • Production image: You need to build this image using the build-mbl tool. This image introduces configuration options that provide additional security protection to make the image suitable for production. They also reduce the number of installed packages (when compared to the development image). To generate mbl-image-production, the DISTRO is set to mbl-production.

Installing MBL on a new device

To install Mbed Linux OS on a new device:

  1. Review our list of supported development boards and set up your development environment.
  2. Get an MBL image. You can get a prebuilt evaluation image, or build your own development or production image.
  3. Write the image to the device.
  4. Provision the device with Pelion Device Management credentials and an API key so that it can connect to your Device Management account.
  5. Set up your network connection and test your Device Management connectivity.

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