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This section covers general project compilation.


All project binaries are built using GCC in the following folders:


Equivalent Keil projects are found in the following folders:


Build Options

For GCC projects, the following Makefile targets are available:

all            -- (Default) build binary
clean          -- Clean all artifacts and intermediate object files
show.platform  -- List all available options for PLATFORM

The following Makefile build options are available from the make command line. For Keil projects, these build options are set in the compile-time directives project settings.

PLATFORM=      -- Select the target platform
DEBUG=[0|1|2]  -- Build with debug configuration, default is "0"
                  0: build release configuration
                  1: build debug configuration with no optimization
                  2: build debug configuration with full optimization
TOKEN=[0|1]    -- Build with tokenized tracing, default is "0"
                  0: tokenized tracing is disabled
                  1: tokenized tracing is enabled

The following options are available if supported by the selected PLATFORM:

BOARD=         -- Board and chip configuration, default is platform specific
BSP_DIR=       -- BSP platform folder, default is platform specific

Check the project's makefile for additional compilation options.

When a debugger is attached to the target, the following targets are available:

install        -- Install binary on target device
install.server -- Start GDB server
device.reset   -- Reset target device
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