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smp_defs.h File Reference

Security manager constants and definitions from the Bluetooth specification. More...

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#define SMP_HDR_LEN   1
 PDU format. More...
#define SMP_TIMEOUT   30
 Protocol timeout. More...
#define SMP_OOB_LEN   16
 OOB Data length in bytes.
#define SMP_PIN_LEN   3
 Passkey Pin lenght in bytes.
SMP Encryption Key Size
#define SMP_KEY_SIZE_MAX   16
 Maximum encryption key size.
#define SMP_KEY_SIZE_MIN   7
 Minimum encryption key size.
SMP Error Codes

SMP PDU status codes

#define SMP_ERR_PASSKEY_ENTRY   0x01
 User input of passkey failed.
#define SMP_ERR_OOB   0x02
 OOB data is not available.
#define SMP_ERR_AUTH_REQ   0x03
 Authentication requirements cannot be met.
#define SMP_ERR_CONFIRM_VALUE   0x04
 Confirm value does not match.
#define SMP_ERR_PAIRING_NOT_SUP   0x05
 Pairing is not supported by the device.
#define SMP_ERR_ENC_KEY_SIZE   0x06
 Insufficient encryption key size.
#define SMP_ERR_COMMAND_NOT_SUP   0x07
 Command not supported.
#define SMP_ERR_UNSPECIFIED   0x08
 Unspecified reason.
#define SMP_ERR_ATTEMPTS   0x09
 Repeated attempts.
 Invalid parameter or command length.
#define SMP_ERR_DH_KEY_CHECK   0x0B
 DH Key check did not match.
 Numeric comparison did not match.
 BR/EDR in progress.
 BR/EDR cross transport key generation not allowed.
Proprietary Error Codes

Internal error codes not sent in any SMP PDU.

#define SMP_ERR_MEMORY   0xE0
 Out of memory.
#define SMP_ERR_TIMEOUT   0xE1
 Transaction timeout.

SMP PDU Code describing command received or sent.

#define SMP_CMD_PAIR_REQ   0x01
 Pairing request.
#define SMP_CMD_PAIR_RSP   0x02
 Pairing response.
#define SMP_CMD_PAIR_CNF   0x03
 Pairing confirm.
#define SMP_CMD_PAIR_RAND   0x04
 Pairing random.
#define SMP_CMD_PAIR_FAIL   0x05
 Pairing failed.
#define SMP_CMD_ENC_INFO   0x06
 Encryption information.
#define SMP_CMD_MASTER_ID   0x07
 Master identification.
#define SMP_CMD_ID_INFO   0x08
 Identity information.
#define SMP_CMD_ID_ADDR_INFO   0x09
 Identity address information.
#define SMP_CMD_SIGN_INFO   0x0A
 Signing information.
 Security fequest.
#define SMP_CMD_PUBLIC_KEY   0x0C
 Public Kkey.
#define SMP_CMD_DHKEY_CHECK   0x0D
 DH Key check.
#define SMP_CMD_KEYPRESS   0x0E
 User key press.
#define SMP_CMD_MAX   0x0F
 Command code maximum.
SMP PDU Packet Lengths

Fixed length of the PDU to be sent.

#define SMP_PAIR_REQ_LEN   7
 Pairing request message length.
#define SMP_PAIR_RSP_LEN   7
 Pairing response message length.
#define SMP_PAIR_CNF_LEN   17
 Pairing confirmation message length.
#define SMP_PAIR_RAND_LEN   17
 Pairing random message length.
#define SMP_PAIR_FAIL_LEN   2
 Pairing fail message length.
#define SMP_ENC_INFO_LEN   17
 Encryption information message length.
#define SMP_MASTER_ID_LEN   11
 Master identification messagelength.
#define SMP_ID_INFO_LEN   17
 Identity information message length.
#define SMP_ID_ADDR_INFO_LEN   8
 Identity address information message length.
#define SMP_SIGN_INFO_LEN   17
 Signing information message length.
 Security request message length.
 Public key message length.
 Diffie-Hellman key check message length.
 Keypress message length.
SMP I/O Capabilities

I/O capabilities codes to be set for SMP_CMD_PAIR_REQ and SMP_CMD_PAIR_RSP

#define SMP_IO_DISP_ONLY   0x00
 Display only.
#define SMP_IO_DISP_YES_NO   0x01
 Display yes/no.
#define SMP_IO_KEY_ONLY   0x02
 Keyboard only.
#define SMP_IO_NO_IN_NO_OUT   0x03
 No input, no output.
#define SMP_IO_KEY_DISP   0x04
 Keyboard display.
SMP OOB Data Flag

Out-of-Band codes to be set for SMP_CMD_PAIR_REQ and SMP_CMD_PAIR_RSP

#define SMP_OOB_DATA_NONE   0x00
 No OOB data from the remote device is present.
#define SMP_OOB_DATA_PRESENT   0x01
 OOB data from the remote device is present.
SMP Authentication Requirements Flags

Authentication Requirements Flags to be set for SMP_CMD_PAIR_REQ and SMP_CMD_PAIR_RSP.

#define SMP_AUTH_BOND_MASK   0x03
 Mask for bonding bits.
#define SMP_AUTH_BOND_FLAG   0x01
 Bonding requested.
#define SMP_AUTH_MITM_FLAG   0x04
 MITM (authenticated pairing) requested.
#define SMP_AUTH_SC_FLAG   0x08
 LE Secure Connections requested.
#define SMP_AUTH_KP_FLAG   0x10
 Keypress notifications requested.
SMP Key Distribution Flags

Flags of security keys this device is requesting to be distribution once pairing completes.

#define SMP_KEY_DIST_ENC   0x01
 Distribute LTK.
#define SMP_KEY_DIST_ID   0x02
 Distribute IRK.
#define SMP_KEY_DIST_SIGN   0x04
 Distribute CSRK.
 Key distribution mask.
SMP LE Secure Connection Keypress Codes

Keypress codes found in SMP_CMD_KEYPRESS PDU to be sent on the respective action when the SMP_AUTH_KP_FLAG is set in both the SMP_CMD_PAIR_REQ and SMP_CMD_PAIR_RSP.

 Passkey entry started keypress type.
 Passkey digit entered keypress type.
 Passkey digit erased keypress type.
#define SMP_PASSKEY_CLEARED   0x03
 Passkey cleared keypress type.
 Passkey entry complete keypress type.
SMP Value Length Constants

Lengths of various keys and values.

#define SMP_RAND_LEN   16
 Random number length.
#define SMP_CONFIRM_LEN   16
 Confirm number length.
#define SMP_KEY_LEN   16
 Key length.
#define SMP_RAND8_LEN   8
 Random 8-byte number length.
#define SMP_PRIVATE_KEY_LEN   32
 Secure connections private key length.
#define SMP_PUB_KEY_LEN   32
 Secure connecdtions public key length.
#define SMP_DHKEY_LEN   32
 Secure connection Diffie-Hellman key length.
#define SMP_DHKEY_CHECK_LEN   16
 Secure connection Diffie-Hellman key check length.
CMAC Input Lengths Constants

Input lengths of SMP cryptopgraphic toolbox functions.

#define SMP_F4_TEXT_LEN   (SMP_PUB_KEY_LEN * 2 + 1)
 F4 input length.
 G2 input length.
 F5 Temporary key input length.
#define SMP_F5_TEXT_LEN   (9 + 2*BDA_ADDR_LEN + 2*SMP_RAND_LEN)
 F5 input length.
#define SMP_F6_TEXT_LEN   (2*BDA_ADDR_LEN + 3*SMP_RAND_LEN + 5)
 F6 input length.

Detailed Description

Security manager constants and definitions from the Bluetooth specification.

Copyright (c) 2010-2018 Arm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Arm Ltd. confidential and proprietary.

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Definition in file smp_defs.h.

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