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l2c_defs.h File Reference

L2CAP constants and definitions from the Bluetooth specification. More...

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 Start of L2CAP payload in an HCI ACL packet buffer.
 L2CAP signaling packet base length, including HCI header.
 L2CAP LE SDU packet base length, including HCI header.
#define L2C_SIG_RSP_FLAG   0x01
 Signaling response code flag.
L2CAP Packet Constants
#define L2C_HDR_LEN   4
 L2CAP packet header length.
#define L2C_MIN_MTU   23
 Minimum packet payload MTU for LE.
#define L2C_SIG_HDR_LEN   4
 L2CAP signaling command header length.
#define L2C_LE_SDU_HDR_LEN   2
 L2CAP LE SDU data header length.
L2CAP Parameter Lengths

Signaling packet parameter lengths

 Connection update request length.
 Connection update response length.
#define L2C_SIG_CMD_REJ_LEN   2
 Command reject length.
 Disconnection request length.
 Disconnection response length.
#define L2C_SIG_LE_CONN_REQ_LEN   10
 LE connection request length.
#define L2C_SIG_LE_CONN_RSP_LEN   10
 LE connection response length.
 Flow control credit lenghth.
L2CAP Connection Identifiers

BLE Defined Connection Identifiers (CID)

#define L2C_CID_ATT   0x0004
 CID for attribute protocol.
#define L2C_CID_LE_SIGNALING   0x0005
 CID for LE signaling.
#define L2C_CID_SMP   0x0006
 CID for security manager protocol.
L2CAP Signaling Codes
#define L2C_SIG_CMD_REJ   0x01
 Comand reject.
#define L2C_SIG_DISCONNECT_REQ   0x06
 Disconnect request.
#define L2C_SIG_DISCONNECT_RSP   0x07
 Disconnect response.
#define L2C_SIG_CONN_UPDATE_REQ   0x12
 Connection parameter update request.
#define L2C_SIG_CONN_UPDATE_RSP   0x13
 Connection parameter update response.
#define L2C_SIG_LE_CONNECT_REQ   0x14
 LE credit based connection request.
#define L2C_SIG_LE_CONNECT_RSP   0x15
 LE credit based connection response.
#define L2C_SIG_FLOW_CTRL_CREDIT   0x16
 LE flow control credit.
L2CAP Command Rejection Codes

BLE defined Command rejection reason codes

#define L2C_REJ_NOT_UNDERSTOOD   0x0000
 Command not understood.
#define L2C_REJ_MTU_EXCEEDED   0x0001
 Signaling MTU exceeded.
#define L2C_REJ_INVALID_CID   0x0002
 Invalid CID in request.
L2CAP Connection Parameter Update Result Codes

BLE defined result codes

#define L2C_CONN_PARAM_ACCEPTED   0x0000
 Connection parameters accepted.
#define L2C_CONN_PARAM_REJECTED   0x0001
 Connection parameters rejected.
L2CAP Connection Result Codes

BLE defined result codes

#define L2C_CONN_SUCCESS   0x0000
 Connection successful.
#define L2C_CONN_NONE   0x0001
 No connection result value available.
#define L2C_CONN_FAIL_PSM   0x0002
 Connection refused LE_PSM not supported.
#define L2C_CONN_FAIL_RES   0x0004
 Connection refused no resources available.
#define L2C_CONN_FAIL_AUTH   0x0005
 Connection refused insufficient authentication.
#define L2C_CONN_FAIL_AUTHORIZ   0x0006
 Connection refused insufficient authorization.
#define L2C_CONN_FAIL_KEY_SIZE   0x0007
 Connection refused insufficient encryption key size.
#define L2C_CONN_FAIL_ENC   0x0008
 Connection Refused insufficient encryption.
#define L2C_CONN_FAIL_INVALID_SCID   0x0009
 Connection refused invalid source CID.
 Connection refused source CID already allocated.
 Connection refused unacceptable parameters.
L2CAP Interal Connection Result Codes

Proprietary codes not sent in any L2CAP packet.

#define L2C_CONN_FAIL_TIMEOUT   0xF000
 Request timeout.
L2CAP Signaling Parameter Value Ranges
#define L2C_PSM_MIN   0x0001
 PSM minimum.
#define L2C_PSM_MAX   0x00FF
 PSM maximum.
#define L2C_CID_DYN_MIN   0x0040
 CID dynamic minimum.
#define L2C_CID_DYN_MAX   0x007F
 CID dynamic maximum.
#define L2C_MTU_MIN   0x0017
 MTU minimum.
#define L2C_MPS_MIN   0x0017
 MPS minimum.
#define L2C_MPS_MAX   0xFFFD
 MPS maximum.
#define L2C_CREDITS_MAX   0xFFFF
 Credits maximum.

Detailed Description

L2CAP constants and definitions from the Bluetooth specification.

Copyright (c) 2009-2018 Arm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Arm Ltd. confidential and proprietary.

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Definition in file l2c_defs.h.

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