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Creating a new program

  1. From the New menu, select New Program:

    Triggering a new program

  2. The Create new program pop-up opens.

    1. Select your platform (board).
    2. You can create from an existing template or from an empty program.
    3. Enter a unique name.

    Creating a new program

  3. Create a main.cpp file in your program:

    1. Right click on the program and select New File.... The Create new file pop-up opens. If you created from an existing template, this file already exists.

      Adding a file

    2. Enter main.cpp as the file name.

      Naming the new file

  4. Import the Arm Mbed OS library, so you can build your program with the Mbed OS codebase:

    1. Right click on the program, and hover over Import Library.... Then, click From URL...

      Import from URL

    2. The Import Wizard opens. In the Source URL: field, enter https://github.com/armmbed/mbed-os.

      Import Mbed OS from GitHub

    3. Select Import.