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Colour sensors calibrated
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This program is for an autonomous robot for the competition at the Hochschule Luzern. We are one of the 32 teams. The postition control is based on this ... android, Autonomous, escon, maxon, MicroBridge, robot, RobotControl
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ajout module_mouvement
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This is some awesome robot code ICRS
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Version of Robotron arcade game using LPC1768, a Gameduino shield, a serial EEPROM (for high scores), two microswitch joysticks and two buttons plus a box to put it in. 20 ... arcade, game, Gameduino, Robotron
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test teeet
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Generation 3 of the Harp project GPS, HAB
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Single instance HTTP Server using new Ethernet Interface. ethernet, http, interface, server
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RTOS enabled i2c-driver based on the official i2c-C-api. driver, I2C, rtos
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mbed socket API socket
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for demonstration
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for hige
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local fork (temporary)
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MiMic WebServer port to LPC1768-Mini-DK2 (Alpha ver.) *On uVision4(MDK-STD), -O2 option is required to run.
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still homotopy @FB
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modify for C210 webcam and Startboard Orange.
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GainSpan Wi-Fi library see: breakout, gainspan, GS1011MIC, GS1011MIP, sparkfun, Wi-Fi, wifi
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cauqleuir madre
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kanazawa demonstration
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Fixed for compatibility with Paradigma USB Serial device. Host, Paradigma, Pelletti, USB
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NOT FINISHED YET!!! My first try to get a self built fully working Quadrocopter based on an mbed, a self built frame and some other more or less cheap parts. filter, fly, led, mikrokopter, model, multicopter, PID, pwm, qc, quadrocopter, RC, sensor, Servo
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fix for mbed lib issue 1 (i2c problem) see also affected implementations: LPC11U24, LPC1768, LPC2368, LPC4088
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mbed IP library over Ethernet
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FBRLogger final version
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A PicoTCP driver for the lpc1768 mbed board in polling mode, to allow usage with the legacy PicoTCP API
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Changes to allow hardware camera trigger
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LogitechC270 webcam class driver alpha version UVC, WEBCAM