mbed fest 2012

mbed fest 2012 was held on the 29th January 2012 at Akihabara Network and Embedded Technology Centre in Japan.


Tedd OKANO attended the event and has shared great write up of the day:

Tedd OKANO wrote:

This was second mbed user meeting held in Japan after the initial mbed fest in October 2010.

There were 21 attendees and 5 presenters and it was very nice user meeting and exciting experience for all. We also arranged a live stream the event, allowing others to remotely enjoy the meeting as well.

The user meeting began with a video message from the mbed team in the UK. It was great to find out what is going on with mbed.org, and we expect a lot in future!

There were six presentations


Additionally, three people presented their projects in lightning-talk sessions

A beginners hands-on session was also done. Five people experienced how easy it is to start development and make a prototype quickly.


At the end of the user meeting – we held a lottery. Many prizes were given out including, 5 blue mbeds, 5 yellow mbeds, base boards, custom made M0 boards with LPCXpresso, RJ45 connectors with cables and a book of mbed primers. All prizes we’re kindly are provided from mbed team, NXP, and presenters.


After the meeting, we had a gathering (beer) party. Time flies so quickly.

I hope to have next meeting soon.

Thanks Okano-san for a great write-up and Mr. Junichi Katsu for sponsoring mbed fest 2012!

To see more, you can find recorded footage of the event online - Part1 and Part2 and an image gallery

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02 Feb 2012

Amit, Thank you for posting!

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