Freescale's FRDM mbed enabled platform family just keeps growing! Welcome to the Family, FRDM-KL05Z!

More mbed support is added to the Freedom microcontroller platform line! This time it's the FRDM-KL05Z. This is ultra-low-cost development platform is enabled by the Kinetis L Series KL0x MCU family built on the ARM® Cortex™-M0+ processor. This new platform provides easier migration for 8-bit developers moving into the Kinetis portfolio.

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Features of the FRDM-KL05Z include easy access to MCU I/O, battery-ready, low-power operation, a standard-based form factor with expansion board options and a built-in debug interface for flash programming and run-control. This platform allows development of devices start from 8 KB of flash in a small-footprint 4 x 4 mm 24 QFN package extending up to 32 KB in a 48 LQFP package.

Last month the FRDM-KL46Z became another Freedom platform enabled in the mbed ecosystem. It's also based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, but is from the Kinetis KL4x MCU family. The Kinetis KL4x family is compatible with the Kinetis K40 based on ARM Cortex-M4 processor which creates a bridge to higher performance and feature integration. This platform is well suited to develop devices with display-based applications like electronic scales, thermostats, flow meters and smart meters.

Click here to see all mbed enabled FRDM boards.

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25 Feb 2014

I think it is nice to note that the majority of the work was done by:

25 Feb 2014

mbed family is growing......................

26 Feb 2014

I have both kl25z and kl05z, been using kl25z board, now I can use this. Nice!!

26 Feb 2014

@erik totally agree! Great work Martin!

26 Feb 2014

Well done Martin !!, 6mA full speed and 3uA Deep Sleep, this has proved to be a 'Low Power' success with a very usable integrated RTC that does not require external clock source. Plenty of Flash space now using MicroLIB compiler. Low power RTC clock example can be found here. Although it is not possible to test MCU power with the current revision FRDM board (mine is Rev B, Rev C is also incorrect). The KL05Z is available in 32pin QFP package, easy to make your own board.

Nearly forgot, Many thanks to Eric Olieman for the Sleeping and WakeUp libs which make this MCU what it is.

27 Feb 2014


Yep, actually effort from lots of people :)

On a very related note, I bumped in to Wim Huiskamp at Embedded World yesterday, and we had a great chat about various things. In particular, we agreed it'd be worth spending some time identifying things that need a bit more love in the software platform; how do we identify what is most in demand/required, and then how to form coherent teams to go and build/fix them!

It is great to have such a diversity of published code, but i'd really like to brainstorm with people the best way to have different levels of code, from random almost-working example through to the bullet proof community accepted library for something. (I'm not thinking app-store voting, more considered like apache incubator or language packages given the core will usually be 10s to 100s of components, which is worth explicit management). A shared roadmap/hitlist would also be great.

Forum thread or google hangout would be my first suggestion to work out some objectives, depending on how many people are interested in being involved.

Btw, not really something that is quite all there yet, but we have been putting in teams support for better collaboration too, so would be a good use case for understanding those feature requirements too for those tools - hangouts integration to teams is one of my wishlist items!


27 Feb 2014

Well I do have some opinions regarding that ;)

First of all, while something like hangouts is probably possible, it should still be part of the mbed site, even if it is just a link. But right now mbed-devel for example is completely seperate. And the mbed github is almost completely seperate: pull-requests on the mbed site for the official libraries are ignored. That you guys handle everything via github is something I completely understand, but then at least tell that to those making pull requests, or better, put it somewhere so everyone knows it.

Regarding levels of code, seems like something that could be for example integrated also with the components section. Imo something to pursue, but with care, you don't want the wikipedia effect (where many newcomers are scared away because some oldtimers declare everything they write as bad).

But imo what is also related to this is for me the #1 issue of mbed: communication. From you guys with the mbed logo to everyone else. I completely understand you also have to do actual work. And I also don't want to sound too negative, mbed is great, and still getting many improvements, pull requests to github are handled extremely fast, etc. But if you want the community to get more involved with fixing stuff, then you need to get more involved in the community imo.


27 Feb 2014

Hi Erik,

Yes that was the main thing I was asking Wim's opinion about - it is something I'm quite concious of, having spent the last year totally focused on how we scale to work with and support partners and the engineering and processes to do that, I'm very aware that has been at the cost of mine and the teams communication.

The results of the efforts in this area have actually been excellent so I'm really glad we put the effort in and the future is looking really awesome (lots of companies getting involved, and our team is growing fast - will do some intros as part of fixing communication!).

I'd really like to make one of my priorities this year exactly getting the communications and roadmap aspects really singing too!

So Erik, I totally agree with you and would love your help for us to improve this area!

Right - I'm off to dinner - 3 days straight at embedded world has made me hungry :)


09 Apr 2014

Does mbed have bootloader for KL05Z?

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